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The 80's #1 - fine Art Giclee Matte Print - 1 of 20

The 80's #1 - fine Art Giclee Matte Print - 1 of 20

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(***ONLY  11  LEFT****)

**Illuminate Your Space with Limited Edition Neon Abstract Art**

- Investment price goes up as limited print avaiability goes down -

Dive into the vibrant world of abstract art with our hand-signed, limited edition print (1 of 20). Each piece is a unique celebration of color and form, crafted with vivid neon acrylic paints and detailed with the stark, defining lines of a black pen. This artwork promises to be a standout addition to your collection, adding a splash of color and a touch of modern sophistication to any room.


  • **Artwork Title:** 80s #1
  • **Artist:** Timothy Brown
  • **Medium:** Neon Acrylic Paint & Black Pen on paper
  • **Edition Size:** 20 Limited Edition giclee deep matte prints
  • **Dimensions:** Inches 24X20"
  • **Signature:** Hand-signed and numbered
  •  *Certificate of Authenticity:** Included

- **Limited Edition:** Own a piece of exclusivity. With only [Insert Number] prints available, this limited edition artwork ensures you have a unique piece that not many can boast of.
- **Vibrant Neon Colors:** Crafted with high-quality neon acrylic paints, this piece captures the eye and invigorates any space with its bright and bold palette.
- **Intricate Details:** The use of a black pen introduces intricate free form loose details that create depth and texture, making each viewing experience uniquely captivating.
- **Versatile Decor:** Whether it's your living room, bedroom, or office, this art piece adds a contemporary flair that complements any decor style.
- **Perfect for Art Lovers:** A must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike, this piece not only serves as a vibrant home decor item but also as an investment in the world of abstract art.
- **Hand-signed:** Each print comes personally signed by the artist, adding a personal touch that connects you directly with the creation process.

**How to Display:**
This print shines brightest when given room to be the focal point. Consider framing it in a simple, black frame with a couple inches of white matting on all sides to enhance the artwork's colors and details without overpowering them. Ideal for gallery walls, above the mantle, a clean wall placement, or as an eye-catching statement piece in your office.

**Order Now:**
Add this mesmerizing limited edition neon abstract print to your collection today and infuse your space with energy, color, and modern elegance. With its limited availability and unique charm, it's not just art—it's a conversation starter.

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